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About MTIL

About Matsui Technologies India Limited

MATSUI TECHNOLOGIES INDIA LIMITED (MTIL) is an innovative, forward-thinking R&D and supplier of industrial auxiliary equipment for complete Plastic Processing Solutions through its product range of Dehumidifying Dryers, Mold Dehumidifiers, Hot Air Dryers, Mold Temperature Controllers, Chillers & Adiabatic Coolers, Material Tanks & Silos, Granulators & Shredders, Descaling Pumps, Dosing & Blending Systems, Centralized Conveying Systems, Recycling Systems, and other value-added services of Industrial Automation.

MTIL prosperously caters to industrial verticals such as Automotive Components, PET Preforms & Bottles, Rigid Packaging, Medical, Flexible Film, Pipes & Profiles, Wire & Cables, Electrical & Electronics, Food & Beverages, Tyre & Rubber, White Goods & Household Products and Recycling & Compounds.

MTIL is TUV Certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Company and is additionally CE Certified for Global business.

MTIL has the manufacturing capability to serve its customer base globally.

MTIL caters to over 1025+ delighted customers having a presence in more than 46+ countries across diverse industry verticals.

MTIL is a group company of Matsui Mfg. Co. Ltd. with its headquarters located in Osaka, Japan.

Through product range, MTIL contributes to the prosperity of its customers and the development of the plastics industry.

To utilize inhibited resources as efficaciously as possible, we maintain a wide variety of perspicacious properties.

  • MTIL conducts customary in-house training sessions on the perspicacious property, to increment employees' calibre of understanding.
  • MTIL inspires employees to become actively involved through a system of remuneration for those who invent something on the job.
  • MTIL raises employee cognizance of astute property, to foster a workplace culture that both asserts the Company's rights and reverences the rights of other companies.

factor 4

What is ‘factor 4’?
An ideology suggested by Amory B. Lovins and others. Aims to increase the productivity of resources by 4 times by doubling wealth and halving resource use. This eventually leads to the recovery of balance between wealth and our environment.

What does Matsui aim to achieve? ‘factor4’ in molding factories
Matsui agrees deeply with the idea of ‘factor4’ to double wealth and halves resource use. We hope to fulfil the following mission in Molding factories where most of our customers are.

To achieve factor 4 in molding factories.
The main problems of molding factories are ‘Wastage of Energy’, ‘Wastage of Resins’ and ‘Wastage of Water’. In order to eliminate such wastages, on top of R&D of machinery to enhance productivity, Matsui would also diagnose factories to give proposals on how to increase productivity.

Matsui’s job does not stop at the manufacturing and selling of auxiliary equipment. We would also like to make the enhancement of resource productivity in molding factories as one of our main responsibilities. Matsui hopes to maintain a balance between our environment and the wealth of our users.

Besides achieving ‘rapport’ with our users, we also hope to build a relationship of ‘rapport’ with our environment.

factor4 Tech Studios

One of MATSUI’s missions is to “Achieve ‘factor4’ in Molding Factories” through Resource Reduction, Output Increase, and Value Enhancement Solutions.

In factor4 Tech Studio 1, we have set up five areas in which we present various solutions:

  • Molding Demonstration Area
  • Resource Reduction Area
  • Productivity Improvement Area
  • Value Enhancement Area
  • And an area for Easy and Inexpensive Solutions

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